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Hiring A Personal Chef Can Help You In These 4 Ways

It’s 5pm.  You just left your job and you’ve just entered the entrance ramp on the highway heading home…traffic is already backed up as you enter the highway lane.  Already — you are feeling the frustration of knowing that its going to be a long long…loooooonnnngggg ride home.  On top of that when you get home — its dinner time and the family is expecting something great. It’s these moments a central florida personal chef is needed to solve your worries.

4 Ways How A Personal Chef Can Help:

1. Food Prepared Already Makes More Time for Family – there are many people who are busy with work, school, and life in general.  Our personal chef services can help out with individuals wanting to spend more time with their families.  We can put together an action plan to assist with individuals who struggle with balancing family time with cooking time. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly personal chef packages to choose from.

2. Recovering Patients – back in 2013, Samone Lett (the Creative Director) personally spent 40 days in Jacksonville Florida helping out a recovering lung transplant patient at the (Gabriel House) affiliated with the Mayo Clinic, who had limited access to family support during her recovery period.  We met with her and planned out a menu that would be beneficial to her recovery and prepared her meals on site weekly.  Her housing situation provided access to store her own food and warm it up when needed. We even incorporated juicing every other day to rebuild her cells and promote healthy lung rejuvenation.

3. Career Oriented Professionals – for some individuals their careers demand a lot of time and eating well is often times left on the back burner.  We can assist with this.  Let’s sit down and talk about how we can keep you active in pursuing your career goals while you can still maintain good health and good eating.

4. Individuals Who Are Struggling to Eat Well – for some the discipline to eat and choose the right foods is a big struggle. Recently, I’ve identified the need to help people choose the right health choices that best fit their lifestyle. Through experience in the industry, I’ve learned a thing or two about what foods can bloat you, add weight to your body, and reduce energy throughout the body.

Success Story from Our Client…

A client of ours in Florida, Harvey Eger, hired us to work with him for 3 weeks. In that short span of time, we POSITIONED him lose 10lbs by doing not drastic changes, but made small corrections to his eating habits and food selections. Hear what he had to say about working with me…

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